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About Rebecca


I believe you don't need to do divorce alone

What the hell do I do next?   


It was a question I asked myself a hundred times a day once I had made the decision to leave my marriage.


Many things flashed before my mind - child, money, work, ME.

I had great family and some good friends but I was still very lost and emotional, yet in possibly one of the worst times of my life I needed to make life-changing decisions about my future.


It wasn’t easy. In fact at times it was almost unbearable, Police were involved, solicitors, mediators, the works. It was heart breaking, and complicated and I felt like I was poking around in the dark a lot of the time, but I came out the other side still in one piece, feeling positive and strenghthened by what I had been through with the help of a coach.

It wasn't just during the divorce that I needed a coach...I mean what did the life of a single lady look like? I had a toddler, a house, and a business and again I was lost, whilst stronger and more resilient than ever before I wanted a new chapter to start, and working with my Coach my life changed.

I am an NLP practitioner, Reiki Master and have a diploma in counselling. From 2006 I  grew a coaching and healing business based in Bristol  and then decided to niche into Divorce Coaching as there wasn’t anything like that available in my area.

And here I am.  

I offer 1:1 coaching sessions and workshops, and for clients who want it I provide a service that runs alongside with their solicitor so that they are focussed and ready when they arrive and can make clear and well informed decisions.

Let’s Start Working Together!

Her sound advice made a huge difference to me

"Rebecca has provided a tremendous amount of practical and emotional support in all stages of my separation and divorce. Her  combination of a thorough knowledge of the legal processes and an ability to lend a sympathetic ear has been a huge help even at the most difficult of times. After each of our meetings, I was always left in a better and more positive frame of mind and ready to face the next step in the process. Having someone calm and positive to talk through the complexities involved and give sound advice made a big
difference to me and my children and I will be forever grateful.  I would recommend that you call her as soon as possible to allow her to help you, whatever your circumstances.



1 to 1 Divorce Coaching

McKenzie Friend and Court Support

Not sure what you need?  Give me a call I LOVE a chat!

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