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McKenzie Friend and Court Support

The date for your hearing in court has been set. Let me help you through the day.

McKenzie Friend and Court support days


Emotional and practical support to help you achieve the best outcome.

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The date for your hearing in court has been set,
you feel scared, anxious, intimidated, and overwhelmed.

This is an important day, you want to give yourself the best chance to get the best result possible.

But how?

You have your solicitor on hand, but what about YOU as a person.

What does Family Court look like?
What's going to happen?
What the hell is CAFCASS?


I have the knowledge and experience of both the physical space and the process and I will support you to get through it with strength and confidence. 


I will guide you through the whole process including all the practical details so you don’t have to worry about the logistics – like parking and where to wait.

I will empower you because I know things you are able to ask for and what you can't.

I will take notes because I understand the ‘jargon’ so all you have to do is sit and listen. I can translate what is happening so that you can just be in it and present without worrying you will forget something. 

That's where I come in

With this support, you will have the space to focus on what’s happening and be present in the courtroom so you can really engage with the proceedings and I will do the rest. I can support and reassure you by sharing my knowledge and experiences of being in family court hearings.

I will help you manage your feelings so that you don’t have an emotional outburst in court. Believe me, it doesn't help.

By having me there to regulate your emotions, you will be in the best place to make the big decisions that come with Court, your solicitor will have perhaps given you legal advice beforehand, or is maybe there too to represent you. The Solicitors are there to FIGHT your case, I am there to hold YOU up, help you find the strength to keep going when it feels like
the walls are closing in and catch all the balls for you.

You need this service if you are facing a court hearing and feel lost and anxious. You can use my service as a stand-alone emotional support (ALWAYS following legal advice) or alongside your solicitor.

I’m not your parent, or sibling, or best friend. I am there for you. Without judgement or in need of protection from my feelings. I am not emotionally involved so I can tell you what is really going on and what that means in real terms so that you can make the decisions you need too.

Court Support: What's included?


What's included? 

Preparation beforehand - this can include a call with you.

A copy of the notes sent to you with 24 hours of getting back from Court. 

My full support on the day of the hearing – usually 3-4 hours if a half day hearing or longer if for the day as per fees above. 

All expenses accrued whilst in court (parking, drinks etc)

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My Story

I had my day in court, I cried the whole time.

It was useless, I was so overcome with fear and emotions that I couldn’t think straight let alone make calm and measured replies to
what was some of the most stressful moments in my life.

What I have learned from being in court myself and with others as their support, is that it’s
really helpful to have someone there to cut through the emotions, who can see the whole
picture so that you can focus on getting through the actual hearing itself.

Your investment

Price on Application 

Basic terms & conditions

A non refundable payment of 50% needs to be made for me to hold the date for you and attend the hearing,  the remainder amount due within 7 days of the hearing.  An invoice for this amount will be sent when the notes from the hearing are sent to you.


If your case is cancelled I you will not be invoiced for the remainder amount.  If the case is moved I will do all I can within reason (pre-booked holidays as an exception) to attend and the deposit amount will be moved to the new dates.


Isn't my solicitor there to support me?

Your solicitor is amazing at knowing the law, your solicitor knows how to speak to the judge or magistrate, address Barristers or other Solicitors.  Your solicitor knows what your entitled too and can navigate the process by understanding the law.  Your solicitor isn’t there to support you emotionally – they need to focus on getting the best result for you.

Surely my mum/best friend can do this?

Yes and that is amazing, and they can come too. But as your coach I will be there for you to rant at, to be angry at, to look for solutions for you, to help you find light at the end of what can be a very long tunnel.  The most important thing is that as your coach I am unbiased, non-judgmental, and want the best outcome but I'm not your mum, sister, or best friend who has their own personal feelings regarding your situation.

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