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Rebecca Spittles Family Law Coach

Based in Bristol, UK, supporting men and women nationally and worldwide

You don't need to navigate divorce or family separation alone

Personalised emotional and practical support and coaching to navigate your divorce or separation.

What Can Divorce Coaching Help With?

Divorce and family separation can make you feel trapped in a catacomb with no way out. You have the legal support, but what about the emotional support?


Emotional Support

Judgement-free emotional help and support during the separation process and even in court

A Clearer Path to Separation

Start to form the life you want to live on the other side of your divorce

Communication Strategies

Help and advice personalised to you and your situation so you can navigate personal and legal communication

Divorce coaching helped these people


I felt empowered at my weakest point

"I approached Becca for help regarding the initial stage of my separation. I was at a loss as to what together and put in a safe place what steps to take. 

I really wanted to avoid expensive legal bills and to try and get through this horrible time without things getting nasty.  However, I also needed to protect myself from being taken advantage of by my very hurt ex-husband.

Becca was very calm and reassuring and I felt she empowered me at my weakest point. 


I now have my degree nisi but I know she’s there for me when I go through the next stage of the process. 


I’d recommend anyone to use Becca’s services as a softer but very knowledgeable approach to dealing with Divorce in addition to legal support.

Rebecca PJ

About Rebecca....


Rebecca Spittles is highly experienced and well respected Family Law Coach


It's interesting isn't it, when you finally say "I am getting divorced" suddenly the people around you are experts in law and emotional counselling.

‘Could you not try harder?’

‘Poor children, being raised in a broken home’

Not useful.  Having navigated all this myself when my own marriage ended (ENDED not failed)  and assisted friends and healing clients through their ‘Divorce Journeys’ I wanted to offer a service that focussed on the emotional and practical issues surrounding separation and divorce.

My 1:1 Coaching sessions and support will inspire you and remove the anxiety of the unknown while confidently moving you forward through the process.

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