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Want to see who else I've helped? These are their stories...

You aren't alone, and you are the first. These previous clients share their experiences of working with me


Divorce coaching helped these people

Becca was calm and reassuring

I approached Becca for help regarding the initial stage of my separation. I was at a loss as to what to gather and put in a safe place what steps to take. 

I really wanted to avoid expensive legal bills and to try and get through this horrible time without things getting nasty.  However, I also needed to protect myself from being taken advantage of by my very hurt ex-husband.

Becca was very calm and reassuring and I felt she empowered me at my weakest point. 

I now have my degree nisi but I know she’s there for me when I go through the next stage of the process. 

I’d recommend anyone to use Becca’s services as a softer but very knowledgeable approach to dealing with Divorce in addition to legal support.

Rebecca PJ

She is so easy to talk to and understanding

Finding myself on the other side of the world, with two small children and amidst an extremely hostile separation, I couldn't see a way forward for myself. I heard about Rebecca through my sister and contacted her for a chat a few months ago.

From our first appointment, I have felt able to tell Rebecca about anything and everything as she is so easy to talk to and understanding. She also has a positive and proactive coaching style which has made me see things in a different perspective and definitely helped me to understand the dynamics of my past relationship. I have found my discussions with her hugely helpful and reassuring; she is kind, inspiring, and informed and really has made me
consider the positives of my current situation, as well as how to deal with the difficulties.

I would recommend Rebecca to anyone at any stage of a separation or divorce. My situation was very new and upsetting and I didn't feel able to deal with it by myself. Rebecca has empowered me and shown me a variety of strategies to move forward, to deal with my ex-partner, and advised and helped me on a variety of personal issues that have arisen during this time. 

As well as all of her support, advice, and kindness she is a force to be reckoned with. I admire and aspire to her strength, conviction, and determination. I look forward to the day when I return to the UK and can take her out for some drinks to say thank you.

Highly recommend!!

Katie, East China

Becca is very professional and experienced

I honestly don't know how I would've got through the past few years without Becca! 

Becca has supported me through many different stages of my divorce, financial settlement and criminal and family court hearings, assisting with both the emotional and practical hurdles that I have come up against.

Becca is very professional and experienced.

Speaking to someone who has been through a similar experience is just priceless and it definitely helped my healing process knowing that I was understood.

I have been able to eventually represent myself in court knowing that Becca was right by my side offering practical help and emotional support. 

My healing process has been far from linear and Becca has shown such patience. Becca has given me the strength and confidence to move on with my life after divorce. 

Forever grateful

Anon, Bristol

Her sound advice made a huge difference to me

Rebecca has provided a tremendous amount of practical and emotional support in all stages of my separation and divorce. Her combination of a thorough knowledge of the legal processes and an ability to lend a sympathetic ear has been a huge help even at the most difficult of times. After each of our meetings, I was always left in a better and more positive frame of mind and ready to face the next step in the process. Having someone calm and positive to talk through the complexities involved and give sound advice made a big difference to me and my children and I will be forever grateful.  I would recommend that you call her as soon as possible to allow her to help you, whatever your circumstances.

David, Bath


I'm Rebecca Spittles, Divorce Coach covering Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas.

I've been through the whole process myself both personally and professionally.  I understand.  If you are at the beginning of the divorce and separation journey you want to know what is going to happen next, how the 'system' works and how on earth you are going to get through it.    If you have gone through the process and are now divorced maybe you feel like you haven't healed like you thought you would and you need a confidence boost to move forward.

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