A conversation with the lovely Becca…

What qualifications do you have

None – Ha Ha !...No,  I’m proud to have my Reiki level 1,2, and Master Teacher. 

I'm a certified NLP practitioner with a diploma in Counselling and I also completed my City and Guilds Pttls Adult teaching qualification.  


What do you want other people to get from this retreat. 

Relief, space, clarity. 


Describe a fond childhood moment. 

Becca:   My summer holidays at Hayling island with my incredible grandparents.  We had a caravan and boats and we just played and messed about.  My gran loved children and I always remember she used to let me eat pasta for breakfast!!!


What do you think is your best quality?

Ooh, I give a great hug!  But I guess you want more than that…..i would say I am open, so both about myself and open to other people being open to me?! Does that make sense?



What would be your dream job?

This.  I'm doing it.  Sounds corny but true. Coaching people. Talking all day and being with humans. My favourite way to spend my time!


What was your first car – how did you get it?

My mum and dad gifted me a Citroen BX.  It had pump up suspension and was the size of a small tank.  You needed to see it to believe it!


If you had a Time Machine, what Time Period would you visit and why?

Ooh I’d go back to Victorian times, all those dresses and beautiful ornaments….although I would want to be either the queen or a princess! So shallow.



Describe an accomplishment you are proud of?

Hmmmm..I'm proud of my journey with my body.  I was a body loather and hated exercise. Now I love exercise and my body because it's mine and it's allowed me to do some pretty cool stuff!!  


What’s the most random thing in your kitchen drawer… we all have one of those drawers! 

A Claire's accessories black choker complete with bell....I mean wtaf!!


What is your guilty pleasure?

Celebs go dating and MacDonald’s. 


How would people describe you when you left school

Shy, terrified, geeky, determined!!!


Where would you travel if you could go anywhere

India, I want to do the trip that Sue Perkins (My mega girl crush) did along the Ganges 


Favourite Alcoholic Beverage

Wine. Cold white wine. 


What do you think the most ridiculous invention that exists is?

OOOhhh this is a good question, ultimately there is loads but I honestly can’t think of anything – I clearly live a too sheltered life as not one single thing comes to mind!!  One thing I cannot live without is my Alexa – I LOVE IT!!!


Favourite Snack Food?

Anything with peanut butter or nut related!


Ok… the biggy… what have you learnt from 2018.

Love is everything.  EVERYTHING.  To have more faith in myself, and most importantly that getting older is a privilege denied to many of us so I must embrace each year and look after myself.




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