You've got this - Divorce & Separation Course

A place to help you to rediscover you again


A 4 week online interactive course

Getting divorced or separating from a committed relationship is all-consuming, you’ve found yourself saying ‘When the divorce comes through I will….” Or “once we have moved” Now the Decree Absolut has been delivered or you’ve moved and rather than rejoicing you feel more lost than ever. Looking to the future and your next steps feel overwhelming.

Maybe you have been divorced or separated for a while and you are not feeling like you thought you would and are struggling to move on.

We will work through WHY you feel so overwhelmed – you’ve got this and with support from me as a coach and from the group you can get comfort and security knowing you are not the only one on this journey. You will learn new techniques to help you cope. Understand how to co-parent more confidently and how to make the most of your child-free time without the guilt. You will discover tools and techniques that can help you rediscover who you are without the relationship/marriage, but also take these skills into other avenues of your new life - maybe the new job you wanted to go for? Or the class at the gym you wanted to try but felt to shy?

You won't be alone either, because as this is run in a group setting you will have the support of other women going through this at the same time. 

You will build your inner strength and BOOST your confidence, putting you in charge of your emotions, so that you can rediscover your identity.


This workshop is for women who are divorced or separated and finding it hard to navigate to their new 'normal’, for women who want to discover life outside being married or being in a committed relationship.

“The day my divorce came through I was completely shell shocked. All the feelings I thought I’d feel of elation and relief didn’t come. Instead I felt lost and scared. I was determined to make the most of the fresh start I had and so I turned to a Coach to help me find my new path and take control of the navigation of my new normality.”

Divorce Coaching is different to Counselling. This course  is for you if you want to draw a line under what has been and catapult yourself into the next exciting phase of your life. If you are ready to embrace the unknown and discover what you are capable of, now is your chance!

Over the course of the workshops we will cover the following:

Journaling – it’s well researched and recorded that journaling is an extremely useful tool when it comes to emotional change. We will look at the 3 different stages of journaling and how to get the most out of it. This will give you the chance to reflect on the past, work through the present and build your future life goals – be that a new relationship or making more time for you.

• Radical Gratitude – we will spend time working on all the FABULOUS parts of your life so you can build bigger paths of positivity throughout your life

• Co-Parenting confidently – The toughest part of divorce when you have children or pets. We will work through how you can make this as pain free as possible

• How to spend your child free time, guilt free and start enjoying life again

• A whole new world – The fun and games of dating in 2020 - ESPECIALLY under Lockdown!! 

I have been through every part of this stage both personally and professionally, I will share with you my experience – the good the bad and the ugly. I will encourage you to dig deep into your emotions and me and the group will support you along the way. There’ll be a lot to celebrate at the end when you can see for yourself just how far you have come!


Where and how
This is a 4 week online workshop managed through a private group on Facebook.  There will be weekly interactive Zoom calls, Daily 5 minute challenges and I will be available to answer questions on the Facebook forum.  The online workshop will be a mixture of teaching, sharing, and talking.  There will be tasks that you will complete between Zoom calls so that will help you to continue to grow so that you come away from each session with as much as you want.

You will also get access to my private Facebook group Divorce and Separation Coaching from when you sign up.



£149.00 per person this includes Zoom calls, all downloads and workbooks

Payment plan – 3 payments of £55.00 totalling £165.00

All workshops to be paid in full at the start of the course or over 3 payments, final payment to have been made 48 hours before the final workshop session.
In the event of you not being able to attend one of the sessions due to the nature of the workshop I am unable to move you to a different group so in this situation that element will have to be done individually with course resources provided.
All course resources are included.
No refunds
Your place is not confirmed until payment in full has been received or the first payment in the plan is made