You'Ve got this!

Whatever it is that has bought you here, I can help.  Together we can help you get clear on​ what happens next, take control of your emotions and get you out of this tunnel of the unknown. It's OK.

How I can

Help You

It's interesting isn't it, when you finally say "I am getting divorced" suddenly the people around you are experts in law and emotional counselling.


‘Could you not try harder?


‘Poor children, being raised in a broken home’


Not useful.  Having navigated all this myself when my own marriage ended (ENDED not failed – read my blog!)  and assisted friends and healing clients through their ‘Divorce Journeys’ I wanted to offer a service that focussed on the emotional and practical issues surrounding separation and divorce.


My workshops and 1:1 Coaching sessions will inspire you and remove the anxiety of the unknown while confidently and positively helping you find YOU again.

"I've been feeling so relieved all week to think that I can get some coaching through these last few stages of the divorce."

Amy, Bristol

Why use a coach

Why do you need a Divorce Coach?

Whether you have left, you want to leave or have been left, a Divorce Coach will sit beside you steering you through the myriad of information and emotions that will come up during and after your divorce process.


Unlike a psychologist or counsellor who will analyse and give advice, a coach is there to motivate, guide and inspire.  A coach will focus on the outcome, and then break that down into sections (maybe weeks or days) so that you can make clear and well informed decisions with the help of your solicitor.


A Coach is there for YOU as a sounding board and empty space for you to fill with the EMOTION of your Divorce.  

I have fabulous support in my friends and family.

Yes and that is amazing, you can tightly wrap them around you.  Your coach will be there for you to rant at, to be angry at, to look for solutions for you, to help you find light at the end of what can be a very long tunnel.  The most important thing is that your coach is unbiased, non-judgmental and wants the best outcome but isn’t your mum, sister or best friend who have their own personal feelings regarding your situation.   A coach allows you manage your own feelings,  and find strategies to deal with the emotions of the people closest to you.

What about the cost?  I am already paying for a Solicitor.

It’s no secret that it costs to get divorced, but by putting in place a coach you can speed up the process, save the frustration and unnecessary emotional turmoil and in turn save money.   You can fully utilise your solicitor to do their job – to make your actual divorce as straight forward as possible, sort out the financial element and child contact element.  You won’t feel the need to lean on them for emotional support - which they are not equipped to give.

"I had a family solicitor to represent me in court but I needed to informally talk through the process and get to a place that I was happy first.  I believe this helped me get a reasonably fair deal. My ex decided to represent himself and not talk to anyone before hand – although I had offered him Divorce Coaching’s number.

I was prepared, having got the figures down on paper before hand, Becca told me not to under estimate my value and my worth having followed him around the world all our married life. I had only worked part-time, his choice but we had been married a long time, I was the home maker and child carer, I knew this would be thrown back at me when we got to that stage so I worked with DC to have a clear vision of what I wanted. On the day we went to court it felt like Becca was sat on my shoulders to support me."

S.Dole. Bruton