RELease and reinvigorate weekend

A break away for you to refresh & re-connect your mind, body and soul

From 6pm on Friday March 22nd to 10am Monday 25th 2019

Spend a weekend focusing on you, finding love for yourself again in a comforting and soothing environment that will support you physically, emotionally and spiritually.  The first day will focus on  bringing you back to your centre and releasing the obstacles and emotional clutter from elements of your life which are blocking  you from moving forward, be it a person or a situation. An exciting day will then be spent re-kindling your buzz, working on engaging your new found clarity into your next exciting life chapter.



This retreat is for you if you are struggling to move forward from either a person or a situation in your life, if you have goals and ideas that you are not achieving because of blocks you are feeling inside you.  

This weekend away is for you if you are looking for answers but don’t know the questions.

This personal time out is for you If you are ready to release your old feelings and behaviour patterns and make space to invite in new experiences and focus on your life goals.



Spend one day of emotionally and mentally letting go of what no longer serves you, helping you feel lighter. This will then lead you into an exciting day of talking and walking, life goal setting, adding more coaching skills to your tool box, ready to for you to utilise and enable a fresh outlook to achieve life goals. You will feel empowered, invincible and rediscover the ‘fire in your belly’ that has felt hidden for so long.

The content of the weekend will be delivered in a calm, supportive and confidential format so that you can let go of all that is holding you back.

As soon as you arrive all your everyday routines and worries can be left at the door as you enter a weekend with no one asking anything of you, everything set up so that all you have to do is you!!!

The Saturday is focused on bringing you back into yourself, looking for the questions that need answering, having the opportunity to use different coaching techniques that you can take away with you to use in everyday life.

Guided meditations will be used to work with your subconscious and build your confidence to release negative feelings from the inside out!!

Beautiful strengthening and balancing PIYO sessions (a fantastic combination of Yoga and Pilates) will run both days, taken by Jo Harris, an experienced and certified instructor, so that you can give your physical body a well earned bit of love!

A walk and talk on Sunday morning will kick start you into a life goal setting session with a difference!

End Sunday with a swim, snooze or hardcore exercise session, then your ‘final supper’ as ahouse full of motivated, lifted, refreshed ladies!



This is not your average Retreat, no, this a a journey of inner discovery, emotional release, confidence, empowerment and clarity. Learning skills that you can take into your everyday life.  A mix of the necessary personal development with relaxation and self indulgence in a safe and calm environment, so that when you leave you will feel confident, energised and clear so you can be your own inspiration and motivation.

This is an opportunity to take time for you, so you can move forward confidently from a clear and focused place


Once you are all booked onto your weekend of release and comfort, you can add on 1:1 specific sessions to personalise your weekend.

A 1:1 Coaching and clearing session with Becca during the weekend will help you iron out any emotions that come up over the weekend. Investment: £39.00 **


If it’s more relaxing than talking you fancy why not book a Reiki Energy Healing session with Jo or Becca - Jo is qualified to practitioner level and Becca has been a Reiki Master for almost 10 years.

You will be wrapped in a blanket whilst soothing energy is channelled through the practitioner into your body, accelerating your bodies healing process both physically and emotionally.

Investment: £30.00 **


For a real indulgence you could book Jo for a soothing and relaxing Indian Head Massage, a pressure point massage focussed around the head and neck.

Investment: £25.00 **

These sessions are limited and it’s first come first served.


**  All add ons need to be booked and paid for ahead of the weekend


Spend your weekend relaxing in the beautiful River View House,  Devon,  just 1hr 30 minutes from Bristol.  River View House has its own pool as well as comfortable bedrooms with en suite bathrooms.  4 beautiful reception rooms with large sofas and soft comforting lighting and amazing outside space.

This is a chance to get away from your usual environment and open up to new possibilities and opportunities by breaking your everyday routine.


Breakfast, lunch, dinner, all snacks and drinks included.  Nourishing and comforting home cooked meals to soothe your soul!

The retreat starts on Friday from 6pm where you can arrive anytime from then and be shown to your room where a little bag of goodies to help you through your weekend will be given to you.  The House has to be vacated by all guests by 10am on Monday 25th March.

A chance to get away from your normal environment and open up to new possibilities and opportunities by breaking your usual routine.




£330 per person based on 2-3 people per room for 3 nights inclusive of all food, drink and activities.  On arrival everyone will receive their own Retreat Kit including a fleece blanket, notebook and pen.

£75.00 non refundable deposit, final balance due 1st March 2019. *  


All of the above plus 3 one to one coaching sessions with Becca via Skype or face to face at her work space in Bristol.  

The first session will be taken a week before the retreat to drill down and bring forward what you will be releasing to give you the best possible outcome.  Then,  2 follow up sessions in April and May to help you achieve the goals you put in place.

This is an inclusive price of £450.00 and at a huge discount for anyone attending the retreat.

£75.00 non refundable deposit, final balance due 1st March 2019. *  

To book email for payment details and a booking form.

If you would like to pay in 2 installments email investment Includes essentials bag on arrival,  resources, all food and drink, accommodation and 24 hour use of the pool.

Terms & Conditions apply please ensure these have been read and accepted before booking




Tel: 07427 173839

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